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Turn Your Shops Into Reliability Partners

Web-based Equipment Management

Repair Tracker™ provides a web-based equipment management portal for repair shops to document industrial equipment repair and failure details in their client’s Tango™ database.

The Repair Tracker™ professional display and user interface consistently ensures quality communication between you and all your repair shops.


Repair Status History


Repairs database provides detailed information to review past repair actions and failures.

Repair documents & photographs are linked to repairs & add to the equipment history.

Shop’s teardown & inspection information gives you a head start on pinpointing root causes of failures.

Multiple Shops


Improve reporting and analysis with consistent information across repair vendors.

Know and analyze each shops repair cost, MTBF and warranty claims.

Web service access means vendors don’t have to cross any plant IT firewalls or load any client software when documenting your repairs.

Standardize Communication


Repair shops database repairs instead of isolating them in email documents.

Repair histories are standardized & searchable, providing a powerful tool for uncovering repetitious equipment reliability issues.

Ensure standardized repair documentation by all plant associated vendors.


Equipment History

Analyze equipment lifecycle and repair history for all equipment.

Repairs Dashboard

Shops enter all root causes of failure, so plants can review further.

Cost Tracking

Repair costs are entered for financial analysis of problem equipment.

Job Status

Plants can see where each piece of equipment is in the shop’s repair cycle.

Equipment Definition

Your shop can confirm or add equipment definition information.

Warranty Claims

Automatic alarms reduce costs for equipment that fail under warranty.

Linked Documents

Shops add images of damage, repair & accompanying documents.

Failure Progressions

You know that it failed, but shops can tell you what led to the failure.


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